How I Work

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  That is why I offer a free telephone consultation to determine whether your needs and the services I offer are a good fit for each other by discussing any difficulties prior to you booking an appointment,

The very fact you are contemplating counseling means you are taking the first steps towards embracing some aspect of your life that may not currently be working for you, or it may be that life doesn’t feel quite right and you do not know why.

During our first meeting, you will be asked to describe your concerns and what you hope to gain from therapy. The number of sessions that someone meets with a therapist generally depends on the issues that are to be addressed, the severity of the issues, and existing coping mechanisms of the individual. Sessions generally last 45-50 minutes.

Often clients are trapped in the same repeating negative patterns, unable to achieve their goals, nothing feels like it is working out. I can help you gain the clarity and the direction needed for change and for growth.

My therapeutic style is warm, deeply caring, and empathically responsive. I offer you a safe, welcoming space to explore current struggles, express what causes you pain, expand your awareness of internal and external obstacles and create pathways toward deep and lasting change. I view therapy as a collaborative process, and I am respectful of each person’s unique challenges, strengths and goals. The treatment modalities I integrate in our work together are guided by your concerns, symptoms and preferences, and grounded in evidence-based practice and current research on the process of change.

Psychotherapy is a process of exploration and self-discovery that unfolds in the unique space between client and therapist. My hope is that our work together will provide a path for you to discover an enhanced sense of well-being, the ability to connect more deeply with those you love, and the capacity to live more fully in the present moment.

Many of us lock our hurt away, we stockpile it until we cannot sleep, eat or focus or we grow so depressed we cannot get out of bed. Counseling and psychotherapy can free you, it can liberate you from the isolation and loneliness of living with what can often seem unbearable.

Our thoughts affect our experience of life.  There is no separation between our mind and body; as one goes, so goes the other.  When we allow intention and acceptance to guide our mind our body listens and responds.  When we change our behavior our emotions will often change as well. Our entire experience of life changes when we become more conscious. When we become more conscious synchronicity enters our life and our path becomes more effortless and peaceful.

Psychotherapy helps clients move through defense structures and into self-expression for the purpose of healing. Many of us no longer need the walls we built to protect ourselves but would never risk taking them down alone.  We often have lists of ways in which we numb ourselves emotionally, we stay busy, we live so fast that the truth of our lives often cannot catch up with us. We often fill every space so there is no room left for the emotion to make itself known. Whatever we use to numb out from the dark, also numbs out the light, so our experiences of joy, love and trust will be duller too.  Numbing compulsively and chronically is addictive.

My practice is rooted in my belief in the resilience of the human spirit, and inspired by my passion for supporting others in the process of healing and growth.

I am a strong believer in a collaborative approach with my clients. I work with them as a coach, and I provide assistance them in navigating their relationships within the family and their communities.

I incorporate specific and appropriate methodologies and interventions to deepen and explore current circumstances, personal history and goal setting for the future.

You may feel anxious, angry, overwhelmed by sadness, or as though you’ve somehow lost your way. I am committed to listening with an empathetic ear and providing a supportive environment to help you heal. In an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, we will explore the distressing emotions, negative voices and destructive patterns that hold you back, and help you access the innate strengths and healthier responses that will allow you to create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

All contact with my practice is completely confidential.

Some clients need more flexibility with appointments, I do try to be accommodating. I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

A minimum of 24 hours notice for a cancellation is required (where possible) to avoid being charged for the full session, this enables me to offer cancellations out to other clients in need.

My fee is $150/session, payable at the time of the session.  I accept Blue Shield of California, Magellan Health Services and Beacon Health Options.  I will be happy to send you a Superbill for any other insurance providers.